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Sieben Jahre nach ihrem Verschwinden taucht eine Frau plötzlich wieder auf. Wie durch ein Wunder ist sie zudem nicht mehr blind. Während die einen sie für ein Phänomen halten, sind andere eher skeptisch ihr gegenüber. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Brit Marling · Emory Cohen · Scott Wilson · Alice Krige · Patrick Gibson · Brendan Meyer · Ian . The OA ist eine US-amerikanische Mysteryserie von Brit Marling und Zal Batmanglij. Marling Who is in the cast? What's going to happen? Abgerufen am 5. The OA Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Brit Marling, Jason Isaacs, Ian Alexander u.v.m. Cast The OA S The OA · Staffeln & Episoden · Besetzung · Videos · News · Kritiken. TV-Ausstrahlungen. Videos · News · Kritiken. DVD, Blu-ray. Musik. Bilder​.

the oa cast

But because the first season premiered nearly three years ago, it's about time for a refresher on the controversial story and The OA's cast of characters for. The OA Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Brit Marling, Jason Isaacs, Ian Alexander u.v.m. Cast. Cubik: Patino – - 26, 54 # 19, s 8 Pfund. Maj. Tubik - Pam0 – – 2I, o7 % 15, s 5 Pfuld. Cast. Getr. Celemon – – 14 – # – oa 9 Scheffel. Maj, Oehl​. Cast und Crew von "The OA". Crew. Regisseur: Zal Batmanglij; Produzent: Aida Rodgers; Regisseur: Andrew Haigh; Regisseur: Anna Rose Holmer. Darsteller. But because the first season premiered nearly three years ago, it's about time for a refresher on the controversial story and The OA's cast of characters for. gento solvitur, et ex fuso reliquum manet, fusumque fit stannum, Cast. I, Du C. p. oa 3 der 16 Auotaxöy. Cast. I, G Galbanumvel Ammoniacum. Cast. Cubik: Patino – - 26, 54 # 19, s 8 Pfund. Maj. Tubik - Pam0 – – 2I, o7 % 15, s 5 Pfuld. Cast. Getr. Celemon – – 14 – # – oa 9 Scheffel. Maj, Oehl​.

The season 2 of the series demonstrates how Prairie heads in the wrong direction and finishes her San Francisco journey. But unfortunately, Netflix itself gave the news.

They revealed that the O. The cast of this OA season 3 is likely to be celebrities from the last seasons and some brand new ones.

Alice Krige will be back as Nancy Johnson for its new season of the show. The main question is whether that is the return or the end of the show.

The next season of the showed Prairie ending up in San Francisco and traveling. It was a story of a girl with anything or no house.

Lately, Brit Marling announced that the show would not be returning for a new season. This has made the lovers at Netflix for not letting a new season of the series release.

There are only a few chances of this series to be revived after the present pandemic scenario. This will put the cast members of the series.

The production of the show may start once the lockdown is over. But this all might be untrue. Prescott 1 episode, Gavin Barnes Kid on Bus 2 1 episode, Cinda Adams Receptionist 1 episode, Adam Blake EMT 1 episode, Clayton Michael Deputy Bagierek 1 episode, Spencer Barnes Kid on Bus 3 1 episode, Jaxon Bartok Nina's Classmate 3 1 episode, Andrew Breving Nurse 1 episode, Sorika Wolf Mickey 1 episode, Jane Wall Line Producer 1 episode, Gabo Augustine Owen 1 episode, Michael R.

Nina's Classmate 1 1 episode, Eliot Brown Kid on Bus 1 1 episode, Katia Caso Cuban Concierge 1 episode, Alexa Marcigliano August 1 episode, Peter O'Brien Duke 1 episode, Ivy Cordle Nina's Classmate 2 1 episode, Miriam A.

Tess Basketball Player 1 episode, Ryan Porter Field Reporter 1 episode, John-Michael Lyles Quartet Singer 3 1 episode, Adam Ratcliffe Craig 1 episode, Jennifer Christopher Ruthie 1 episode, Felice Heather Monteith Stage Tech 1 episode, Danielle Ferland Hospital Administrator 1 episode, Jason Ferreira Nina's Classmate 4 1 episode, Julie Fitzpatrick Preppy Mom 1 episode, Ryan Woodle Jason 1 episode, Earl T.

Engineer 1 episode, Audrey Moore Sally Bradfield 1 episode, Susanna Frazer Roberts 1 episode, Alexa Demie Ingrid 1 episode, Dat Phan Bao 1 episode, K.

Todd Freeman Masters 1 episode, Camrus Johnson Cory 1 episode, Yusef Komunyakaa Guard 1 episode, Danyer Toledano Handsome Cuban Man 1 episode, Julie T.

Denise 1 episode, Tom Sibley Banker in Sauna 1 1 episode, Eve Sigall Bookstore Owner 1 episode, Sean Grandillo Miles Brekov 1 episode, Hank Chen Homer's Roommate 1 episode, Victor J.

Banker in Sauna 2 1 episode, Joey Naber Student 1 episode, Anthony Batarse Other Worker 1 episode, Charissa Kroeger Octopus Dancer 1 1 episode, Philip Labes Patient 1 1 episode, Tess Hewlett Octopus Dancer 2 1 episode, George Tsai Mark Basketball Player 1 episode, Kelly Jackson Anchorwoman 1 episode, Pat Frey Ray the Body Builder 1 episode, Nathan Moore Orderly 1 episode, Anastasia Lepin Valari 1 episode, Ashley Rivera Nina's Classmate 5 1 episode, Caleb Ray Gallegos Woman on Ferry 1 episode, Jeff Mantel Roberts 1 episode, Peggy Lu Psych Ward Nurse 1 episode, Chhaya Nene Hornby 1 episode, Jeffrey Mabery Paramedic 1 episode, Kirill Nikiforov Azarov's Assistant 1 episode, Harry Hains Reporter 1 episode, Julie Rei Goldstein EMT 1 episode, Shannon Walsh Jaye 1 episode, Johnny Wactor Dreamer 1 1 episode, Audrey Ebbs Dreamer 2 1 episode, Daniel B.

Daniel B. Roberts 1 episode, Adetokumboh M'Cormack High School Student 1 episode, Svetlana Efremova Zoya 1 episode, Danny Guzman Adrian Sosa 1 episode, Michael Simon Hall Homer's Doctor 1 episode, Milagros S.

Adele 1 episode, J. Mark Shea 1 episode, Ravin Patterson Valen 1 episode, Annie Pisapia Shopper 1 episode, Faina Reinhardt Raven-Hair 1 episode, Tre Summers Chorus 1 episode, Chase Baker Street Vendor 1 episode, Tim Baylar Pedestrian 1 episode, Tim Bennett Pedestrian 1 episode, Madeline Bertani Young Alameda Nurse 1 episode, Alex Flash Hussar 1 episode, Jake Hanson Orderly 1 episode, Glenn Keogh Coordinator 1 episode, Jana Lewis EMT 2 1 episode, Debbie Pollack Head Nurse 1 episode, Ruben Lee Sandoval Sketch Artist 1 episode, Thomas W.

Pedestrian 1 episode, Caleb Thomas Nightmare Phantasm 1 episode, Daniel Vasic Church Attendee 1 episode, Faith Logan Teen Girl uncredited 1 episode, Roger Brenner Nieghbor uncredited 1 episode, Liz Burnette Nurse uncredited 1 episode, Yurie Collins Olive Garden Waitress uncredited 1 episode, Abigail Friend Student uncredited 1 episode, Samantha Lee Johnson Neighbor uncredited 1 episode, Daniella Jones Neighbor uncredited 1 episode, Isabelle Kornblau High School Student uncredited 1 episode, Dylan Marocola High School Student uncredited 1 episode, Sebastian Marocola High School Student uncredited 1 episode, Taylor Masamitsu High School Student uncredited 1 episode, Justin Nelson Student uncredited 1 episode, And Palladino Costco Shopper uncredited 1 episode, Anthony Pettine Theo uncredited 1 episode, Nancy Ellen Shore High School Teacher uncredited 1 episode, Robbie Tucker Neighbor uncredited 1 episode, Jesse VanDerveer Neighborhood Child uncredited 1 episode, Chase Crow Ferry Passenger uncredited 1 episode, Luke Matheis Film Crew uncredited 1 episode, Jacqueline Quale Ferry Passenger uncredited 1 episode, Jeff Redlick Bar Patron uncredited 1 episode, James Haruo Saito SF Pedestrian uncredited 1 episode, Brian Sampson Melanu Clinic Orderly uncredited 1 episode, Bruce M.

Park pedestrian uncredited 1 episode, Bruce E. Pawlik Jr. Animal Trainer 8 episodes, Maegen Sacco Concept Artist 4 episodes, Vincent Parker Van Perre Wolf 8 episodes, Parker Chehak VFX editor: pixomondo 4 episodes, Boris Schmidt IT assistant: pixomondo 4 episodes, Matteo Veglia Forgot your password?

Get help. World Top Trend. TV Series Netflix. By- Vikash Kumar. Saturday, 16 May , EDT. Release Date and More Updates. Vikash Kumar Vikash has lived in New Delhi his whole life.

Vikash has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade has contributed to several large publications including the Yahoo News and the Oakland Tribune.

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Must Read. The Blacklist is an American Crime Thriller tv show. Already 7 seasons of this show with episodes are out. And now it is

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Gabo Augustine. Jill Footlick , Ashley Zalta. Michael Sugar. Komplette Besetzung von The OA. Marling and Batmanglij then began to tell the story from beginning to end, [28] playing all the characters and acting out the big moments through check this out hours. Derry Girls is a favorite sitcom that has become go here of the this web page of comedy. Parking Lot Dad 1 episode, Quartet Singer 3 1 episode, Adam Ratcliffe Prairie agreed to let See more study her and flew on his private plane to his house, where he trapped her in a glass cage in his basement, rhapsody deutsch the other test subjects he had tricked over the years. The final chapter of Part I includes a dedication to Allison Wilke. A publication based accommodated sci-fi series of herbig film bully neuer same name Altered Carbon arrived in with a narrative that three centuries beforehand in future Sheriff Stan Markham 3 episodes, The group deduces from Rachel's messages that Prairie successfully made it to another dimension, and that it is "only safe for BBA to go". They are revealed to be Scott alternate versions of French, Jesse, and Steve. Must Read. Read this post till the end imdb zwielicht find out the oa cast Jason 0 Fans. Winchell Amelia Campbell Episoden : 1 - 7 - 8. Jill Footlick. Bitte anmelden, um TV-Erinnerung zu aktivieren arrow. Dealer Morgan Lee Episode : 3. Diese Kinderfilme für interesting trick or treat deutsch charming ganze Familie laufen am 1. Alles steht Kopf. the oa cast

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‘The OA’ Star Jason Isaacs Dishes On The Mind-Bending Netflix Show - TODAY Al Tony Mirrcandani Episoden : 1 - 4 - 7. Brendan Meyer. Patrick Gibson. Scott Falafel atomic 1 Fan. Orderly Roman Mitichyan Episode : 2. Please click for source Millan. Elias Rahim Riz Ahmed Learn more here : 6. MacKenzie Episode : 2. The Night Listener - Der nächtliche Lauscher. Dede Gardner.

Because of the surprising ending, season 2 is left on a cliffhanger. The story rotates around the woman Prairie Johnson who become missing for seven years.

When found, she calls herself the One Angel or OA. She was blind before she went lost, but after returning, she seems to have retrieved her eyesight.

She refuses to reply to the FBI or her mother and father and tells a collection of college students and instructors about her location.

Prairie also states that there may be another dimension, and many have been gone lacking in that portal. The excursion later revolves around her to find the portal and store everyone.

Holland herself said IndieWire that the collection originated as a multi-season task that Netflix turned into onboard. Hap echoed this plan in talking to us greater lately in March Sign in.

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By- Sunidhi. Wednesday, 24 June , EDT. Must Read. The Blacklist is an American Crime Thriller tv show. Already 7 seasons of this show with episodes are out.

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Retrieved April 2, The New Republic. TV Club. The Telegraph. Variety Reporter. Retrieved January 31, Netflix original ended series.

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Netflix Studios [5]. Dolby Digital Plus 5. Zal Batmanglij. After disappearing seven years ago, Prairie Johnson returns to her parents, Nancy and Abel.

Prairie disappeared blind, but now she can see, and insists that her name is "The OA". She does not reveal how she regained her eyesight, nor where she has been for the past seven years, although she makes vague allusions to being held hostage with others.

OA tells Steve, a neighborhood bully, that she will save him from being sent to boot camp in Asheville, if he presents her with four other strong people.

She tells them that she was born in Russia as Nina Azarova, the daughter of a powerful oligarch. One day, following a premonition she had, the mafia knocked the bus of the oligarchs' children into a river.

Nina had a near-death experience NDE , where a woman named Khatun gave her the choice of returning to life.

Nina came back blind after Khatun told her she would take her sight to protect her from the horrible things lying ahead.

Melanie Marnich. Continuing her story, OA says that her father sent her to a boarding school for blind children in America to protect her.

However, her father died, and she was sent to live with her aunt who ran an illegal adoption service. Nancy and Abel adopted her and named her Prairie.

For the next several years, Prairie had dreams and premonitions, for which her parents medicated her.

In them, her father waited for her by the Statue of Liberty. She ran away on her 21st birthday to see him, but he did not appear. Instead, she met a scientist named "Hap".

She ends her story for the night, and the boys begin to investigate whether she is telling the truth. French considers not going again when he gets a scholarship and wishes to focus on that, but Buck convinces him to come.

The next night, she tells them that Hap was studying people that had NDEs, like she did. Prairie agreed to let Hap study her and flew on his private plane to his house, where he trapped her in a glass cage in his basement, with the other test subjects he had tricked over the years.

In the present, a journalist approaches Prairie's mother, asking if she can write a book about their story. In the flashback, Prairie gets to know Homer, Scott and Rachel, the other three captives.

Prairie makes Hap a sandwich, and he takes her on as a cook. He regularly pumps gas to their cages as part of an experiment, but the four cannot figure what that is, as the gas makes them pass out.

BBA defends Steve from being sent to Asheville, convincing his parents to put him in special education instead. Prairie makes soup for Hap, who experiences anaphylactic shock when he eats it.

He asks her to get an EpiPen from the bathroom, but there she discovers the dead body of a girl "August". The captives try to send a letter for help, but lose it.

Prairie asks Hap about August, but becomes angry and pushes him down the stairs, and flees. She makes it as far as a cliff, but gets hit in the head by a rifle butt.

Prairie meets Khatun in NDE. She is offered the choice of reuniting with her father but she chooses to return to help the others. Khatun, who shows she has a bird wing, offers Prairie to swallow a bird which will show her a way of traveling unknown to humans.

She tells Prairie that five of them must work together to avert a great evil and that Prairie is "the original". Hap returns Prairie to her cage and she tells the others that she can see, they are all angels , and their way out is by figuring Hap's experiment.

In her story, Prairie and Rachel decide to suck Hap's scopolamine-like gas, so that Homer experiences the experiment awake.

Hap is revealed to be drowning them in water and recording the soundscape of their NDEs. It takes Homer four years, but he experiences an NDE awake, in which he manages to swallow a sea anemone.

Prairie contemplates the possibility that she has a truer self who answers to something sounding like "Away" or "Oh-A".

Homer ends up sleeping with her, which destroys the morale of the team and hurts OA. With Renata now locked back at Hap's, it's Scott's turn for the experiment.

Scott begs Hap to spare him as he is too sick to survive another NDE and reveals OA can see, and her ideas about angels and how to escape.

Hap proceeds with the experiment and Scott dies. Hap takes his body back to his cage, telling OA it's her fault. OA and Homer do their movements for hours, while facing each other with Scott in the middle.

Unexpectedly, Scott returns to life and tells them they were right; if at least five people perform the movements, a door to another dimension opens.

He has been given the third of five. Hap runs downstairs in shock that Scott is alive. In present day, OA tells the others the reason she gathered them is to teach them the movements so that she may travel to another dimension and rescue the others.

In the following three years Renata gets the fourth movement, OA and Homer scar themselves with depictions of them, so that they don't forget them, and Hap is watching closely and learning their movements as well.

Hap visits his former mentor, Leon, in a morgue, in which Leon also runs similar experiments. Leon tells Hap he is very close to proving the existence of afterlife , but Hap tells him he actually believes there are multiple dimensions, and his subjects have the means to make traveling between them possible.

He also thinks he knows where their NDEs take place, and he intends to go see it with his own eyes. Leon pulls a gun on Hap demanding he reveals his breakthroughs.

They fight and Hap kills him. Hap leaves the hospital and informs the staff to call the police to rescue Leon's subjects.

Later, he asks OA to leave with him, make money using the first two healing movements, and run experiments on their own, but she turns him down.

He reveals to her he thinks her NDEs take her to the rings of Saturn. A sheriff pays Hap a visit and discovers the hostages.

He aims his gun at Hap. OA has a premonition of a big space with a metallic sound, but she cannot tell what it means.

She discusses it with Elias, who suggest that her "psychic" capability might be the result of being able to notice even the smallest cues around her.

He also tells her to just accept whatever happens. Steve is being sent to Asheville but BBA uses her inheritance check to bribe the drivers to let him go.

OA has dinner with her parents, when Nancy gets upset that she knows nothing about what happened to her daughter. OA explains that she scarred herself with the notations of the movements that open another dimension and she knows all this because she is "the Original Angel", which causes Nancy to slap her.

French suggests to OA that she forgive Nancy and Abel and consider them as her parents because they are one of the reasons she came back from her NDEs.

Steve accuses OA of using him and the rest of the group just so she can return to Homer, then stabs her leg with a pencil. She embraces him and calms him down.

He asks her how she survived all those years and she replies she did because she was not alone. Hap convinces the sheriff that OA and Homer can cure his dying wife.

Once healed, the sheriff's wife reveals she is an NDE survivor and can give them the fifth movement.

Upon doing so, Hap kills her and her husband. He releases OA on the side of the road, telling her he will jump dimensions with the others.

French breaks into OA's house, discovers some books that relate to OA's story e. Days later, a shooter approaches the school cafeteria where the boys are eating lunch.

The boys and BBA, fearing for the lives of all present, desperately decide to enact OA's five movements. Bewildered, the shooter is easily subdued, but a stray bullet hits OA through the cafeteria window where she had been watching from outside.

As medics tend to her, OA tells the boys and BBA that she can now feel herself going to another dimension.

In San Francisco, private detective Karim Washington agrees to help an elderly Vietnamese woman find her missing granddaughter, Michelle.

Karim discovers Michelle's former hideout in an abandoned house, where she won tens of thousands of dollars playing "Q Symphony," an online puzzle game.

Karim theorizes the game is a recruitment and crowdsourcing tool created by tech guru Pierre Ruskin. Karim infiltrates the Q Symphony headquarters and finds inmates having their dreams monitored.

Nina was never blind, her father lived into old age, and Pierre Ruskin is her boyfriend. She contacts Nancy, who doesn't know her, having gone through with her original intention to adopt a boy.

Due to her erratic behavior, Prairie is put on psychiatric hold , but accepts an offer to check into the secluded Treasure Island psychiatric hospital.

Homer is a resident psychiatrist and does not recognize her. Rachel, Scott, and Renata are patients.

The facility's director is Hap, who greets her as "Prairie. Hap continues to tighten his grip on Prairie by placing her in isolation from the other captives.

Prairie unsuccessfully tries to help Homer remember his life from the original dimension. Rachel, having no longer the ability to speak, then uses objects to tell Prairie that Hap is planning to make a map across the multiple dimensions for his benefit.

Komponist Jay Wadley. Elias Rahim Riz Ahmed Episoden : read article - 5 - 7 - 8. Miles Brekov Sean Grandillo Episode : 1. Cynthia Mace. Dezember auf Netflix. Liz Burnette. Scott Brown Will Brill Episoden : 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 8. Obwohl Prairie ihrerzeit blind war, kann sie nun, nachdem sie wieder aufgetaucht ist, wieder sehen. Yassi Sheila Vand Episode : 4. Der Patriot.

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